Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I get started?

To get started with making a slideshow or video presentation, you need to just go to http://minuteoflife.com and click the button that says “Create Your Minute”. For a quick tutorial about the steps you need to follow, click here or read the following

Step 1. Create a message

Start by clicking on the “Create your minute” button, which will take you to a page where you choose what you want to say; there are several occasions from which you can select. This gives your message a color scheme and background music and if you don’t want to use one of them just press “Skip”.

Then appears the media editor, this is where you upload photos and record videos in any combination you want then edit them together. Don’t have a video already? Record it with your webcam. Add effects according to your taste and hit on the “Ok, I’m Done” button when finished.

Step 2. Register

You will be required to register or sign in before moving on to the next phase (in case that you didn’t do it before). For a new user, you will need to register an account, but all returning users just sign in. Registration gives you your own account, which holds an archive of all your shared minutes.

Step 3. Choose how to send your message

You will be asked to select between the regular and augmented messaging options. For the regular message, you will be able send your message through email or via social networks and the recipient will be able to view it only at the set time slot. 
For the augmented message, you send your video message on a marker with a QR code that can be placed on any physical object in the real word and the recipient will just need to scan the QR code using our mobile application to view the message with his mobile device.

Step 3.1. Regular messages. Selecting recipient info, privacy, date and time

If you decide to go with the regular messaging option, first you are given the chance to change templates and see a preview of your message. When satisfied, click on the “next” button, which will take you to a page where you enter the recipient's name and email or also you can choose to share via social network, select a time slot and choose between the public or private display settings. The time slot is unique to your message. It is when it will become available for viewing on the sharing page of your video. 

Step 3.2. Augmented Reality messages. Selecting markers, subscription plan, recipient info

If you choose the augmented reality option, you will be able to select a marker from our marker market, pick a subscription plan, enter the recipient information (name, surname and mail), and checkout (via credit card Visa, Master Card, American Express, PayPal or MOL points).

Step 4. Confirm and Send

Check your message; confirm it is according to your taste and the recipient's information is correct. Make the payment if needed and then hit the “Send” button to confirm. 

What is the difference between Minute of Life and other services for publishing videos or photo slideshows?

Unlike other publishing platforms which are taken over by background noise and a vast amount of content, Minute of Life shows your video exclusively at the time you have chosen. You can also personalize a message, making it significant for the person who is going to receive it. Minute of Life is determined to turn your emotions and feelings into outstanding time-related messages that are worth your precious time. Aside from this, with the integration of augmented reality technology, you can as well place your message on any physical item in the real world – who else does that?

Is it a paid service?

Basically, it is free to use Minute of Life services, but there are additional features, such as custumization of recipient page, the Augmented reality messages, answering with stickers, MOL points packages that require payment before you can get access to them (payment can be made via credit card Visa, Master Card, Maestro, American Express, PayPal or MOL points)

What are MOL points?

MOL Points – this is the currency on minuteoflife.com, with which you can pay for your favorite products and services on the web-site. Every registered user will automatically have an internal wallet with their account. The balance of which can be replenished by means of money transfer (PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express), by clicking on the “MP” symbol.

Why should I buy MOL points?

Minute of life designed MOL points payment method in order to ensure you faster and easier way of purchasing our services , than using your credit card or paypal account. Each transaction made with the use of MOL points gives you a set of advantages, see them at “advantages of spending MOL points” chapter.

What are the Advantages of spending MOL points?

Minute of Life customers, who use MOL Points always receive greater advantages. Just take a look at one of them: you will receive MOL Points for each specific action, such as getting a recipient page template, sending stickers and so on. Also, when you buy MOL Points you receive additional sum of bonus MOL Points equal to the sum in dollars you spent. Moreover, each time you use MOL Points you will receive back to your account the amount of MOL Points you spent in a dollars.

Here is how it works (Example):

Buying: You bought a Standard Marker for your augmented message, and you`ve received 5 MOL points as bonus. And in addition if you buy 20 MOL Points for 2 dollars at the marker market, you will have totally 25 MOL points in your account. ($1 = 10 MOL Points)

Spending: You spent 25 MOL points at our web-site or on Minute of Life mobile applications. Each time you go to checkout you can use the Minute of Life internal currency MOL Points. If you spend 20 MOL points, you will again get 2 MOL points as a bonus.

How can I send my personal video?

You have the choice of sending regular messages (via email or a social network) or augmented messages. For the regular option, if you send it via email, just enter your recipient's address and it will be sent automatically. If you decide to send it via a social network, you will be given a link that you can send in a message or post on your wall. For the augmented option, your video message will be sent in a marker that comes with a QR code. This marker can be placed on any physical object of your choosing; you and the recipient will be able to view the message upon scanning the QR code with a mobile device.

Can I make a video and make the receiver pay for it?

No, you can’t do that. Before sending and choosing the receiver of your minute of Life presentation in case that it will be a Augmented Reality video, you will be asked to pay with your bank account, PayPal account or with MOL points, for the subscription plan of your video, notice that a one month plan is free. In case the regular messages, you will also be asked to pay for certain templates, but we also have free templates.

How can I report someone for improper message content?

You can get in touch with our customer service in many different ways, by phone, e-mail, online customer support, and by regular mailing and we will moderate the situation.

I like this! How can I implement it for my brand?

Users can use your product pack or brand logo as a marker, which as a result increases the interest, usage, users, brand share capacity, target, brand impression, promotion effectiveness and a lot more for your business. The advantages are uncountable and we will be glad to find a solution for your individual case/brand. Contact us via: info@brainberryglobal.com, and we will be glad to put you through.

Do you plan more updates for this project?

Minute of Life is still undergoing a series of developments. We have many more plans on how to craft messages and videos while focusing on the idea of the unlimited value of time, but they still need some work. We have recently launched the android mobile application and plan on having the iOS version, a new media editor, and a lot more. In the meanwhile, please enjoy the service as it is right now.

What if I don’t like the background music or the color scheme?

You have the option to choose one of the many background sounds and templates in Minute of Life. In case that you don’t like the standard, you can upload your music for free and choose one of the paid templates. If you don't want a preset occasion at all, just hit “Skip” on the page where it asks you to choose what you want to say (occasion page). If you only want to disable the music, you can do it in the media editor using the sound graph underneath the photo and video. You can also upload your music for more personalization of your video presentation.

How long are regular messages and Augmented Reality messages drafts be saved?

Drafts are saved for seven days. The draft file will be placed in your draft folder in your profile account. If they are not used in a publication in this time, they will be deleted automatically. 

How will I know that the receiver saw my sent message?

Check your profile – it will tell you if anyone has visited the message's private page or not. However, you should receive a notification via email when your recipient views the message 

Why can't people see my video on the sharing page?

If the time slot for your video hasn't arrived yet in the time zone where the recipient is located, then the private sharing page won't show anything yet. They have to wait for the time you set. If the situation is that the time slot already arrived and the recipient can’t view the message, then contact support. 

On what type devices can I make presentations?

At the moment you can make videos on any desktop computer and an android device. The iOS mobile application is coming very soon. 


What format is my video in?

After the creation of your presentation, Minute of Life media editor will compile your video in to .mp4 format.
 which can be downloaded later. 

What formats should my files be in to create a video at Minute of Life?

Minute of Life supports the following formats: For videos: mp4. avi. mpg. 3gp. mkv. mov. vebm. ogv. wmv. flv. mpeg. asf. For images: jpeg. jpg. png. bmp. gif. For audio: .mp3 

Can anyone else watch my videos?

No, only if they have the unique video link then they can access the page. In case that the video is public, then everyone who is on the main page of Minute of Life will see your video, but that will be possible just during the time slot that you choose. 

I received a Minute of life message from my friend. How can I reply to him saying Thank you via MInute of life?

You can create your own Minute of life and send it to him, thanking him for the great message. Or simply send him one of our numerous stickers from our market. you can see the stickers here. 

Is there a nudity restriction for message content?

Yes, all the public minutes with such content will not pass moderation and will be set for private view only. 

Minute Of Life Augmented Reality Messages

How does it work?

With the integration of augmented reality technology, Minute of Life lets you create and place your video message on any physical object in the real world. All you need is an android supported device (the iOS mobile application is coming very soon) and a marker that holds the QR code that it can scan to view the video message. 

What is a Marker?

A Marker is the image upon which your message will be integrated. It comes with a QR code that can be scanned using our android application (the iOS version is coming very soon) on a supported device. Your video message is sent on the selected marker (with a QR code) that can be placed on any physical object and the recipient will just need to scan the QR code using our mobile application to view the message. You will have the option of sending virtual and physical markers. 

What is a Virtual Marker?

The virtual marker is a image that we sent to you by email in a pdf, jpeg or png format that can be printed and placed on any physical object or place that you like. 

What is a Physical Marker?

The physical marker is a image that you can select from our marker market, it could be printed in a T-shirt, picture frame, postcard, etc. after ordering the physical marker from our shop by you, we will send it to the recipient's physical address in a beautiful gift box. 

What is a QR Code?

QR is short for Quick Response (they can be read quickly by mobile devices). They are used to take a piece of information from a transitory media source and put it in to your mobile device. 

So, how do I make an augmented message?

Start the process just like you will for a regular presentation (select an occasion, compose your message) and then select the augmented reality message option to send. This lets you add an exclusive template, select a marker from our marker market, choose how long you want your video message to be viewable, enter recipient’s information, privacy settings, make payment and send your augmented message. 

How long will my message be available for viewing?

Your message will be viewable depending on subscription plan you select. However, the expiration date can be extended. You can as well use the 1 month subscription for free. The video message will no longer be viewable, but you can prolong your subscription according to your requirements. 

Will subscription plan I chose work for all my messages?

No, creating each new Augmented Reality message you need to choose new subscription plan for it. Its so, because subscription plan refers to the period of certain QR code validity. 

How many times can I view my AR video?

You and your friends to whom you sent your video message can watch your video as long as your subscription remains valid, you will be able to view the video message as many times as you want. 

How can I view an augmented message?

First you need to download our application onto your mobile device and then use it via the camera of your device to scan the QR code that comes with the marker. 

Where I can get Minute of life mobile application?

We recently launched the android mobile application and the ios version is coming very soon. Download them for Play market/Istore 

Can I use any other object besides the one you give to me as a marker?

No you can’t, but you have the opportunity choose the one you like from the wide range of markers in our market. 

Can I send one augmented message to more than one person? Will they need the same marker or different markers?

Yes you can send one message to different recipients. There is no restriction on the quantity of people that can watch your AR video message They just need to receive the same marker and QR code. 

Can I upload more than one message on a single marker?

Yes, you can. But, please take into account that for each new message you will need a new QR code. 

Can I change the content of a formerly used marker?

The Marker is only the place for your massage to be displayed. The main info about the message you made is contained in the QR code. This QR codes are unique and can’t be changed. So, If you want to change your message content you need to change QR code. 

How much does it cost to make an AR message?

The price of your AR message depends on the kind of marker and subscription you select. You should check our pricing overview for more details. 

Can I cancel an already sent AR message?

No, it’s impossible to cancel a sent AR message. You will need to wait for the subscription plan end, for it to be canceled or deleted. 

Who do I contact if my AR or regular message doesn't work?

Make sure you follow the instructions included and if you still have difficulties with it, feel free to contact us with any complaint, suggestion or question. 

Minute Of Life Regular/Future Messages

How it works?

The Regular messaging option allows you put your message in a time capsule and send it to the future. Every message has its own unique assigned time; meaning it will be available for viewing only after this time comes. You can send your message through email or via social networks. You have the opportunity to add between different templates, preview your message, and select a privacy setting before entering the recipient’s email to send or get the social network sharing link. This type of message is free, but you can customize the recipient page with templates and other elements of it with MOL points or PayPal. 

What does the time slot mean?

This is the time when your message becomes available for watching. Before this time arrives the message's page will not be active. 

 You will select a unique and personalized date and time for your message. This is the time when your message will be available on the sharing page. 

What if I want a time slot that is already taken?

The time slots at Minute of Life are unique to a single presentation – if it has already been taken then you'll have to choose another one. 


Does my Regular message have a standard view?

Yes, by default your message will have standard view according to occasion you chose. But you can easily make it look original by the customizing recipient page using templates and other elements of it with MOL points or PayPal. 

To how many people can i sent the same regular video message?

There is no restriction to the quantity of people that the video can be sent to, you can sent your video message to as many people as you want. 

What happens if the recipient was late to watch the message?

If the recipient didn't catch it on the main page – don't worry! You can see any message on the private sharing page anytime after its time slot has passed. 


Can I cancel an already sent regular message?

No, you can’t cancel the already sent video message. But you can go to your profile page and press in “minutes sent” and delete from there the minute that you want to cancel. in that case your video will not be delivered and deleted from Minute of Life. This is the only option of canceling sent videos. 

Referring to your account

Do I need to sign up to make a video?

Yes, you'll need to sign up or register to create and send your message. 


What should I do if I forgot my password?

Click on the “forget password” link underneath the sign-in form and we will send you directions for resetting your password. 


Can I sign up using social networks?

Yes, you can. If you do, though, then you will not receive emails telling you that the receiver has watched your video. 


Where is my account confirmation email?

If you can't find your confirmation email, please check your spam folder. Also, please remove Minute of Life from your blacklist – we will need to send you emails telling you the status of your messages. 


Can I download presentations that other people have made?

No, you can’t. If that person hasn't sent that message to you, you won't be able to download it, you can just see it on the main page when the video became public and exactly at the time slot that was selected from the creator for it. 

Can I download my own presentations?

Yes, but it may be necessary to wait while the required format is prepared on the servers. This is usually done within 30 minutes, but may take longer. 


How do I embed a video from Minute of Life on my blog or website?

On the video's sharing page you can click the “embed” icon and get the code you need to embed it in your website or blog. 


How do I share my video on Facebook?

Just click the Facebook share icon on the video's page and follow the directions. 

How do I save a video without sending it?

You can save all your video by sending them to drafts. Then it will appear in the “My Drafts” section of your profile page where it can be further edited and then sent to the person you want. 

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