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Publications (also known hereafter as Products) created using the Minute of Life site are the sole responsibility of the client. You take full responsibility for any content presented in this publication, its distribution, and any consequences that may come from their spread. Minuteoflife.com bears no responsibility for any of the content of user presentations.


Minuteoflife.com’s privacy policy is outlined in the following document. Please take care to acquaint yourself with it before using any services found here, as usage of the site indicates acknowledgment of and agreement to the policies outlined herein.

Minute of Life collects user data in order to enhance content and user experience.

No personal data is shared with third parties and the highest level of confidentiality is observed. The only information published about our visitors is not personally identifying. No user data is ever made public to advertising companies or services.

Privacy Policy Consent

By using the Minute of Life Website, its Mobile Applications and the services on the Minute of Life Website, you agree to all the terms of this Policy. We reserve the right to amend it at any time without warning or notification. Any such changes take place immediately.

It is the responsibility of users to acquaint themselves with any and all changes made to this Policy since further usage of the Service is contingent upon agreement with all changes made here. Any such changes will appear here on the site. Minute of life gives to customers two possible features of their messages to be.

They can be “Private” or “Public”. Messages marked as “Public” can be displayed on Minute of life’s main page and passing obvious moderation. In case that your “Public” message content doesn’t meet the requirements of the Terms and Conditions of Minute of Life, it will be sent as PRIVATE.

Messages marked as “Private” concerns only the sender and recipient. Private messages won’t be placed on main pages or used in advertising materials. Thus, Minute of life is not responsible for their content and transfer to customer full responsibility for publishing content which violates national legislation (such as publishing content which contains act of violence, adult materials, advertising of drags and others prohibited commodities or controlled products, etc.)

Customer Information

Some of the information collected may include browser type, IP address, time of access, and computer operating system. Cookies may also be used to analyze general information, such as the device being used and its operating system.


We use cookies to ease the customer experience by ensuring that you do not have to enter the same information many times on a single site. Minuteoflife.com uses cookies to monitor the traffic that our site experiences.

These files track referrals to the website, remember individual preferences, improve the responsiveness of the site, and to create anonymous reports of statistical data, which is used to improve the experience that users have on the site.

How we use the data we collect?

The personal information that we collect from you might be used for the following reasons:

- To give a more tailored service;

- For the delivery of our services and products (including, but not limited to the Minute of Life Mobile Applications);

- For reaching out to you concerning the services and/or products that you requested;

- For performing auditing, research and analysis for the maintenance, enhancements and protection of our provided services;

- For transferring your data (account information inclusive) to necessary third parties, public entities, industry regulators and organizations as required reasonably for operating of our business; and

- For disclosing your data to the governments and/or related organization according to law requirement.

Not opposing such use means we are allowed to inform you of about other services and products of ours that you might be interested in. If initially you do not oppose this, but later decide to, please feel free to contact us at info@brainberryglobal.com.

Other uses of information

In the interests of security, Minuteoflife.com requires that all customers provide their names and email addresses. When making any kind of order for services from Minute of Life you are obliged to provide accurate information. The payment information is highly sensitive, so your personally identifiable data is only used to make this process possible. We never use your information in any other ways, and take every reasonable measure to ensure that it remains secure.

General, non-identifiable demographic data is used to evaluate our services and how well they are advancing in different markets. This information is very important to improving our services.

Changes in this policy

Any updates to this policy are posted on this page. It is the responsibility of each customer to check this page periodically and ensure that they are acquainted with any changes that have been made.


All reasonable technical and organizational precautions are taken in order to ensure that customer data is never leaked or made accessible in any other way to external parties. No information, other than in the case of a valid legal demand from the relevant authorities, shall ever be voluntarily disclosed by Minute of Life.

International data transfer

Information collected by this site may cross international borders into or out of any of the countries where Minute of Life operates. The customer agrees to such cross-border data transfers.

Disclosure prohibition

Disclosure of information to the public is strictly prohibited. This information is made accessible by the owners and administrators of Minute of Life. Any outside claim may not be used in legal proceedings unless it directly affects the owners and administrators of Minute of Life or if the administrators and owners have given prior agreement to the use of that information.

Legally required disclosures: If compelled to do so by the relevant and competent legal bodies to disclose personally identifiable information without having notified the customer affected. These instances are restricted to those instances in which we believe that it is required by law, that a warrant or other legal process has been presented, or where reasonable and necessary to identify and bring action against legal wrongdoers.

Future changes

Minute of Life is constantly changing in order to meet the changing demands of our markets and audience. Any changes made to this policy will be considered binding and will take full effect upon being published on this page. These changes may be carried out without any prior notice. It is the responsibility of any customer to update themselves concerning changes made to this page.

The legal owner and entity operating Minute of Life is Brainberry Global Limited, 16 Zinas De Tyras, 1065 Nicosia Cyprus, info@brainberryglobal.com

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